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Where to eat in Japan: Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

There are actually two ramen museums in Yokohama so for first-timers such as myself, it was easy to confuse them. One is the cup noodle museum and the latter being the Shin-Yokohama Raumen museum, located in Shin-Yokohama which is actually another train ride away from central Yokohama.

The museum is located along this street dotted with pretty sakura trees with their blooms in time for spring.

It isn’t hard to miss that giant uzumaki in front!

This springing novelty bowl of ramen is actually one of my favorite things in Japan haha

Here are some of the renowned ramen shops in the museum which offer their own specialties. So many spectacular choices, pick your favorite!

The ramen museum is actually a “ramen themed amusement park” showcasing various kinds of ramen from different regions of Japan. Recently, they have expanded their selections to include global influences from countries such as France, Germany and Italy.

The overall atmosphere of the interiors and street designs are replicas fr…
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Where to eat in Japan: Yokohama Chinatown

I have been to plenty of China towns all over the world (well there's at least one in every country!) so of course when in Japan, I just had to drop by it's largest china town which is located in central Yokohama.

A barrage of Chinese restaurants and food stalls greet you the moment you set foot at the gate!

Here we have huge steamed buns with loads of interesting variants such as pork, sakura bean paste, kimchi and sukiyaki. 

Steamed bun with black sesame bean paste.

Lots of yummy fried snacks at cheap prices!

Fried sesame balls 500 yen for a pack of six.

Freshly steamed buns.

Most of the shops feature a lot of the same snacks like the meat buns and dumplings; so it is a challenge to pick only one to taste! It can be quite overwhelming.

This shop Wang Fu Jing appears to be quite popular and they are offering Sheng jian bao, a kind of fried XLB (xiao long bao)

Again, so many variants! 

We tried these sheng jian bao from another stall since we couldn't stand the lines haha…